Panasonic has made a companion robot that farts, no kidding

Panasonic has made a companion robot that farts, no joke 2

Recent advances in robotics have shown incredible potential for what that technology is capable of. Not only in automating otherwise tedious tasks, but also with a bionic eye to hopefully making our lives much better in the near future. Because we are human beings, our best and brightest minds haven’t worked on a robot that can help us around the house, solve complex problems or save lives. Instead, people prefer to find a robot that farts out – and that’s about the culmination of it.

That seems to be what Panasonic spent some of its R&D budget on, when it unveiled a new robot called Nicobo. The feline robot looks pretty cute, but other than wiggling its head and tail, blinking its creepy eyes and offering some form of communication, the most noticeable feature is that it makes farting noises. Groundbreaking:

I think no matter how intelligent you are, fart jokes never go out of style. However, the robot was actually more designed to provide companionship for those who may have missed it during this time and don’t have the luxury of a real pet to cuddle. It’s a noble idea, although you’d think they might have been looking forward to giving a companion robot the opportunity to provide more substantial company.

According to Gizmodo, Panasonic plans to make just a hundred, all via pre-orders on its own crowdfunding platform, and does not intend to release it to the general public. While you’d think such a thing would only have niche appeal, it reportedly sold out in less than six hours at a price of $ 360 (R5500), proving there’s a market for people who want nothing more than a companion that fart.

And people say there is no more hope for humanity.

Last updated: February 19, 2021