Paul Dano Discusses Enigma’s Trauma in The Batman

The actor Paul Dano makes a masterful interpretation of the great villain of the movie The Batman and knows very well the traumas of his character.

The movie has already been released batman and is a critical and commercial success. The main protagonist is played by Robert Pattinsonbut the cast brings together other great talents such as paul dano like riddle, Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon and John Turturro as Carmine Falcone.

Now in a recent interview, the actor paul dano wanted to analyze the trauma of Enigma:

“Robert Pattinson, that suit and image of Batman had a special place on my wall for most of that shoot. Playing Bruce Wayne is a very different feeling. So from my point of view, there’s a pretty, pretty big difference. Matt Reeves and I initially talked about the hero and the villain and the two sides of trauma. Because Batman was born out of the trauma of his parents dying and he’s still struggling with that, especially in this movie I think. And maybe like Enigma in this movie, that’s the kind of core emotional seed that everything else grows from and I think that’s how you can find your way. Then, unfortunately, he goes where he goes ».

Will the actor return in the sequel?

Attention SPOILERS. Batman manages to catch Enigma (Paul Dano) and ends up locked up with a character played by Barry Keoghanbut you can’t see his face. But everything suggests that he is the Joker, so there could be a union of these two villains to face the Dark Knight in a future installment.

batman It is currently in theaters and you can check the great performance it does paul dano like the crazy but brilliant Enigma.