Paul Rudd is Marvel Studios Employee of the Month

Actor Paul Rudd, who plays Ant-Man in Marvel Studios, has such an overwhelming charisma that it left everyone dazzled.

One of the highlights of the animated series What if…? is that almost all Marvel Studios characters that appear have the voices of the actors who play them in movies and live action shows. That’s why they have Paul Rudd, Andy Serkis, Evangeline Lilly, Chadwick Boseman or Chris Hemsworth, so a total of up to 54 Hollywood stars.

The main writer AC Bradley and the director Bryan andrews They were delighted to be able to work with all these actors, but they certainly stood out Paul rudd above all of them.

“Paul Rudd was in like three hours, and he almost won the clerk of the month position and he doesn’t even work here. The actor had such fun and made the rest enjoy his presence. “

Actors can explore different ways to embody their characters.

What if…? it’s about a different version of the heroes we’ve seen in Marvel Studios movies, that’s why Paul rudd has asked to explore more his humorous side, but also other actors such as Sebastian Stan They missed the changes in Bucky Barnes / The Winter Soldier.

“The biggest compliment we’ve ever received is when they said: This is weird. This is a strange story. This is not something I have had to do in the movies. Sebastian Stan said: I can’t make jokes in the movies… Are you sure this is for me? He was surprised. We think: Yes, you can make jokes. That’s your what if: you’re funny. “

“There were some actors who had that kind of reservation at the beginning, but at the end, they were digging deep and riffing. Trying to interpret and bring some new things to the material. It’s funny, everyone had a lot of fun once they got over it, but some definitely said, Why am I here? But then it changed for them, and they said, Oh, this is great! It’s that stigma of animation that’s always only for this age range, but now that you know it, everyone said, Oh wait, you guys are just like the movies, that’s great. This is exciting”.

The Serie What if…? (What would happen if…?) is currently broadcast on the Disney Plus streaming platform. The films in which he has participated Paul rudd What Ant-Man they can also be viewed on the streaming service.