Paul Thomas Anderson gives his opinion on superhero cinema

Legendary director Paul Thomas Anderson knows that superhero movies are necessary to get people back in theaters.

Paul Thomas Anderson is a director, screenwriter and producer who has worked on films such as Boogie nights (1997), Magnolia (1999), Intoxicated with love (2002), Wells of Ambition (2007), Pure vice (2014) and has now released Licorice Pizza. So it is interesting to know what he thinks of superhero movies and he is clear that superhero movies Marvel they are very necessary.

“Obviously, it’s gotten even more complicated with streaming and the kind of overabundance of superhero movies. Most things I don’t take too seriously. I mean, there seems to be a bit of concern about superhero movies. I like them. It seems to be a popular thing these days to wonder if they’ve ruined movies and all these kinds of things. I just don’t feel that way. I mean, look, we all get nervous about people going back to the movies, but do you know what will bring them back to theaters? Spider-man So let’s be happy about that.

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What is your new movie about?

Director Paul Thomas Anderson could be eligible for the Oscar thanks to Licorice Pizza, a story set in the 70s in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles). The plot of this romantic and dramatic comedy centers on Alana Kane and Gary Valentine, two young men who grow up together and eventually date and end up falling in love. In the cast stand out Alana haim, Cooper hoffman, Sean Penn, Tom waits Y Bradley Cooper. In the United States it has only grossed 1 million dollars, but hopefully its international premiere can give it a little more box office income.

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Here we leave you the trailer of Licorice Pizza, the new of Paul Thomas Anderson: