Peacemaker has been the grave of Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder and his so-called Snyderverse are definitely dead. Guilty? Peacemaker and the incredible series that James Gunn has created.

There was a time before DC Extended Universe in which it seemed that the tone of Zack Snyder he was going to return, even without the headmaster present and despite the madness of his plans. However, the first season of peacemaker It has been the final tomb of the snyderverse. He has sealed the nails on the wood of the coffin. In just six episodes, the series James Gunn has made fun of the main heroes of DC Comics and has ignored both its tone and its timeline. Despite those who still dream of resurrecting the Snyderverse, it seems that Warner Bros. Pictures has already made a decision. Or at least that is what they maintain since ScreenRant. The Snyderverse is dead. Long live the new DC Universe.

Somehow, Zack Snyder will never quite leave the DCEU. Somehow, he laid his first foundations with the man of steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and the League of Justice. His cinematic style divided viewers. Many found his vision “too serious, dark and heavy”. The first years the study considered that it was a good way to separate itself from the competition, but the data did not support it. The disappointing reception of his projects forced Warner to distance himself from that vision of the past. After Suicide Squad, the Serie peacemaker reflects the style of James Gunn as the company’s new flagship. The gap is even greater.

James Gunn has become the new leader of the DCEU

No Zack Snyder superhero has been safe from the jokes of peacemaker. has laughed at Aquaman, from Superman, from Batman, from wonder-woman and even of Flash. Although these characters have had or will have iterations beyond the Snyderverse, the truth is that they were introduced by the controversial filmmaker in the DCEU. Considering the director’s approach, so dark and particular, “so his”, allowing James Gunn to make fun of these superheroes shows that the studio is ready to separate definitively from the previous version. Now there seems to be a plan.