Personalize your iPhone 12

Published August 11, 2021

iPhone 12 shell

Apple’s new iPhone 12 pushes the boundaries. According to Apple itself, it is “more than just faster”. It is available in two sizes and is both thinner, lighter and smaller than their predecessors. If you are one of the happy owners, you can personalize it with some nice accessories.

The phone is today one of our most important gadgets. If you have a smartphone, it is not just a phone anymore, but here you have a calendar, address book, apps and action list. The accessories for our phones are also becoming more and more and the easiest way to make your phone personal is with, for example, interchangeable covers.

It is not so long ago as the mobile phones were just mobile phones. You had a landline phone at home and when it rang it could be a fight over who would have time to answer first, you did not know who it was, number presenters only came later and were popularly called “gossip change”. On the wall hung an almanac where important things were noted and the address book had its place on the kitchen counter. Today it is different, most things today fit in our smartphone plus a little more. Today, there are also plenty of accessories to both protect your phone and make it personal.

At The Mobilestore you will find iPhone 12 Pro shell in a variety of designs to match your style.

As the mobile phone today also works as a wallet, it may be appropriate a mobile cover with card holder. Then you do not have to bring more cards with you than necessary when you leave home. The shell has been designed in order to be both stylish and functional and for the best possible fit. The shell is specially designed and has custom sockets for all the different ports that are on your mobile.

The Mobilestore also has spare parts for mobile phones, sometimes the accident occurs and you manage to crack the glass or the battery needs to be replaced. There is a lot you can solve yourself as long as you are a little light on your hand and take it easy.

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