Phil Spencer Rejects Console Wars

Xbox CEO Phil Spencer Has Judged Again console wars, urges the gaming community to respect creators who often get caught in the crossfire. Spencer made his comments during an interview with IGN after accepting a Lifetime Achievement Award at DICE 2022 last week, where he was commended for his contributions to the video game industry over a 30-year career. The director, who joined Microsoft as an intern in 1988, also spoke about toxicity in the game industry and urged his colleagues to do better to combat such behavior.

What Phil Spencer had to say about console wars

“I think it’s very often that creations can sort of be weaponized and used in battles between platforms and other things,” Spencer noted. “I look to anyone brave enough to create something, bring it out… their peers, the industry, have players, play and analyze and talk about what they’re doing. And let’s celebrate the fact that there are so many great games coming from so many creators, and realizing that this is such a foundation for where this industry is going.”

Elsewhere in his speech, Spencer said video game companies have a responsibility to ensure that individuals are treated with dignity and respect. Spencer finds himself in a special position following Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard, which has come under fire for what many see as offering CEO Bobby Kotick a golden parachute to escape harrowing allegations of misconduct.

Opinion: Toxicity justifies decisive action

Zamena writes… Many game industry leaders have spoken out against toxicity but fail to set an example. Companies have often addressed toxicity among gamers, while ignoring, and sometimes deliberately ignoring, similar behavior among their peers. How Microsoft Activision treats Blizzard employees and their grievances going forward matters, and Spencer’s words will certainly carry more weight as he sets an example to follow.

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[Source: IGN]