Platinum Games CEO is open to takeover offers that respect studio freedom

At a time when everyone is being taken over, it seems common for studios to announce where they are now.

Platinum games chief executive officer and president Atsushi Inaba did just that in a recent interview.

“The most important thing for us is to have the freedom to make the games we want to make.”

“I don’t think what I hear about the recent acquisitions Microsoft going to micromanage Activity where they take away all their freedom”

“I think there will be a lot of mutual respect and I think” Activity can continue to do what they are good at.”

“That is ultimately the most important thing for us, whatever form it takes for us and our company. So I would not reject anything as long as our freedom was still respected.”

This is not the first time the idea of Platinum games is taken over has been shopped across the industry.

However, Inaba makes what is the crucial point, for independent studios like Platinumthere’s no interest in being acquired to work on franchises you didn’t create or don’t want to work on.

In fact, as Inaba points out, a positive for the Microsoft take over of Activity is that they will not only have their autonomy, Microsoft will undo some of the bad decisions made prior to the announcement.

So hopefully then Vicarious Visions and Toys for Bob and others can start working on their own projects, instead of supporting Duty or diablo

Source – [VGC]