PlayStation Home trademark updated for the second time this year

It’s not uncommon for companies to renew trademarks for dormant properties, but research from an internet sleuth seems to indicate that Sony is up to something with Playstation Home.

As discovered by Redditor Thorites, Sony updated the PlayStation Home trademark for the second time in a few months a few days ago. This is where it gets interesting. A category update to the trademark application three months ago stated “organizing, organizing and providing online tournaments” and things like “TV, movies, news, sports”, etc. A month later, Sony updated the trademark for Soho Engine, which was used to run PlayStation Home. Interestingly, both applications are registered with the same Sony representative: Boult Wade, SL

The team behind Soho and PlayStation Home is now London Studio, which recently revealed it’s working on something with “huge potential”. There are also numerous reports that London Studio is involved in some sort of virtual reality project, leading fans like Thorites to speculate that PlayStation Home could return in some form for PS VR 2.

The mention of online tournaments is also interesting, as Sony recently acquired Evo and has filed numerous trademarks that suggest it is working on establishing a new tournament system.

This is all speculation, of course, but the timing and sequence of these developments seems to point to some sort of resurrection. As usual, we will update our readers when we have more information. In the meantime, let us know if you think PlayStation Home might be back.

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