PlayStation Plus games in 2021 were worth more than $1,400

PlayStation Plus is no stranger to criticism when it comes to its monthly game lineup, but the past year has been particularly tough on PlayStation 5 offerings and upgrade paths (or lack thereof). In purely monetary terms, however, the service has proven to be a steal for subscribers who received more than $1,400 worth of video games in 2021.

That’s according to folks at Polygon, who have gone through the arduous process of analyzing each month’s lineup to find out what the games on offer retail for (PlayStation Store prices at time of publication) and their average. assessment scores. PlayStation Plus released 40 games over the year with an average Metacritic score of 73.8 and a retail total of $1,424.60. The games averaged $35.62 each with an average age of 1.4 years.

The oldest game offered was the 6.5-year-old Mortal Kombat x, which was part of the October lineup, followed by the 3.8-year-old PlayStation VR game farpoint (March lineup). Day-and-date launches of titles like . not included Destruction All Stars and Hunter’s Arena: Legends, the latest games offered were Remnant: From the ashes and Knockout City (each 0.5 years old). The highest-rated game in each lineup was Final Fantasy VII Remake with a Metacritic score of 87. The worst rated game was Tennis World Tour 2 with a Metacritic score of 56.

In all, five of the games were published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and three of the games (all day-and-date launches) were console exclusives. After SIE, Electronic Arts was the publisher with the most titles offered through PlayStation Plus, but all of EA’s games were available on EA Play before appearing on Sony’s subscription service.

Make sure to check out The full report from Polygon for even more numbers.