playstation plus january 2022 ps4 ps5 free games

PlayStation Plus January 2022 PS4, PS5 Free Games

playstation plus january 2022 ps4 ps5 free games

PlayStation Plus Free January 2022 PS4 Games, PlayStation Plus Free January 2022 PS5 Games PS Plus January 2022 – What are the? PS Plus January 2022 Free PS4 and PS5 Games? You can also check out the full list of details on every PS Plus title announced so far here. For more information, you can also check out every PS5 PlayStation Plus game released this year in our handy guide. Plus, you can see every PS4 PlayStation Plus title released this year.

PlayStation Plus January 2022 Free Games:

PlayStation Plus PS5, PS4 Free Games January 2022

PlayStation Plus PS5, PS4 Free Games January 2022 Predictions

PS4, PS5 PS Plus Free Games January 2022 Predictions:

Dirty 5 (PS4, PS5)

Dirt 5 is an overhaul of the Dirt rally experience and is arguably the most visually spectacular and accessible entry in the series. With an emphasis on arcade-style controls and life-sized tracks, this Dirt is like you’ve never seen it before. A joy to play and amazing to look at, dirty 5 takes off on PlayStation 5 with split-screen multiplayer modes, 120 FPS support, and a charming single-player campaign featuring the voice talents of Nolan North and Troy Baker. If you’re looking for a racing game to show off your PlayStation 5, Dirt 5 is your huckleberry.

You can catch up on our Dirt 5 review here.

Deep Rock Galactic (PS4, PS5)

Deep Rock Galactic is a 1 to 4 player co-op first-person shooter where you control a bunch of tough sci-fi dwarves. Deep Rock Galactic has completely destructible environments (you can literally blow a hole in a planet), legions of monsters to destroy and countless shiny ores to discover in a series of procedurally generated caverns. Look, Deep Rock Galactic is going to be big and would be an excellent addition to PlayStation Plus in January 2022.

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They Are Billions (PS4)

Trapped on a post-apocalyptic steampunk planet besieged by a seemingly endless avalanche of zombies, They Are Billions lets players build their bases and fight back against the undead threat in this stunningly engaging RTS. In fact, They Are Billions is one of the few PS4 games that also supports keyboard and mouse use.

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Which PlayStation Plus games are available now?

The December 2021 free PS Plus games have been confirmed and will be available from December 7, 2021 to January 5, 2022.

Sony has also officially announced as part of the PS Plus games for November 2020 the debut of the PlayStation Plus Collection for PS5 owners only. The following PS Plus Collection games have been confirmed for the November 2020 PS Plus lineup and are available to download now:

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If you’re considering joining PS Plus, it’s also worth bearing in mind that Sony has increased cloud storage for storing PS4 and PS5 game files. With a boost from 10GB to 100GB, there’s plenty of room to store your games in the cloud on both PS4 and PS5.

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Plus, you get free access to exclusive games every month, in addition to special discounts, full game trials and the ability to play online multiplayer games as well.