PlayStation Showcase September 2021 Predictions

PlayStation Showcase September 2021 Predictions – The next big showcase of Play station has been announced, and although it’s only a few days left to be on September 9, 2021, excitement levels can only rise high enough until it becomes impossible to contain it, and we have to spend the rest of our time thinking about what we will see in the display case.

In that vein, I have some predictions for the event, things we’re likely to see, things we’ll almost certainly see, and of course things that will remain dreams but would be absolutely incredible to become a reality.

PlayStation Showcase September 21 Predictions

God of war 2 Trailer

When we first heard about the god of war sequel officially it was very exciting but felt like we were hearing about it for the first time from Sony a bit early. Jump ahead to the present time and we can now look back and theorize with some certainty that their reasoning behind an early announcement stemmed from their original 2021 release target and tool to help sell PS5 consoles with the promise of the sequel coming soon.

We’ve now postponed the game to 2022, and while we may not get the big gameplay reveal fans are hoping for, it’s possible we’ll get a proper trailer this time, perhaps a better look at how the story will continue given the cliffhanger ending in the first game.

Gran Turismo 7 Gameplay trailer

It feels like a long time since we last heard of it Gran Turismo, although in reality it wasn’t until June that we got confirmation it was coming PS4 next PS5. The truth is it’s been a long time since we’ve seen each other Gran Turismo 7, as all we can do at the moment are previously shown gameplay and snippets of various general Play station trailers.

With that in mind and given that this showcase is supposed to be an update from first party studios, it’s very likely we’ll see Gran Turismo 7 performing during the PlayStation showcase this month.

Uncharted Collection Coming to PC

This addition may not be what every Play station fan wants to hear it but honestly it would be a mistake to keep these games on the platform and not publish them on pc. Sony’s considering how well their games are doing on PC and that there is clearly a market for them to put their games on the platform. We already know that they have invested in this endeavor with NixxesNow it’s time to see what that got them.

Since it was last leaked that Uncharted 4 if the next one will come to PC, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they had decided to ditch the idea of ​​releasing just the one and carry them over everywhere, especially now with Nixxes on the case.

It would understandably be an odd choice if they decided to release the fourth game on PC for now, but at least it would be something. In any case, I’m much more hopeful and think it’s likely we’ll be able to see this announcement on September 9.

factions, Or a reveal of Naughty Dog’s standalone multiplayer title

It may seem like it’s still in its early stages, but Bad Dog is currently working on a standalone multiplayer game, and it would be great if we could finally find out what they’re making. It would also be good to get an update on factions, and between the two I’d say the latter is more likely. It’s been over two years now The Last Of Us Part II released, so it might make sense that factions could be ready at that time.

Although the pandemic occurred within those two years, it is also possible that Bad Dog those announcements could be delayed if they keep working on it. In any case, it could be possible that a beta for factions is announced.

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 Plagues

I know that sleepless just finished wearing the PS5 launch on their backs with Miles Morales and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart On PS5, but the question Spider Man 2s release date is looming in the hearts of Spidey fans everywhere. Since this is a PlayStation showcase and probably where? Sony plans to make their bigger announcements, which means: Spider Man 2 could fit.

It would work as an incredible “one more thing” at the end of the showcase as it’s likely we won’t be swinging through New York in a few years.

The last of us remake To reveal

The whole debacle that the reasoning was behind Days gone by not getting a sequel was enlightening about Sony’s manage their studios to some extent, but it also revealed that we could get a full remake for The last of us, essentially making the game more than just a facelift, but a remade version for PS5.

If this is still happening, the upcoming showcase is probably a place to make that announcement. The idea of ​​adding DualSense features to the experience of playing the first game is already exciting, without even mentioning that the visuals will be completely redone, making the game look and run flawlessly PS5.

The Last Of Us Part II Director’s Cut To reveal

While The last of us has already received the remaster treatment, the same care must still be given to The Last Of Us Part II. Of Sony seems to like the idea of ​​giving a lot PS4 games a new version on PS5 through a “Director’s Cut”, I would put good money on the next one that is announced which is: The Last Of Us Part II.

Even if it’s just a remaster as native PS5 version, I doubt we’ll have to wait much longer for confirmation of both this remaster and The last of us redo.

So that’s my list of predictions! What good is yours? How do you think Sony will fill their time on September 9th? Let us know in the comments below.