Pokémon Unite basics tips: dominate your first few games

The Pokémon MOBA has just been released on Nintendo Switch as a free to play game.

As in any MOBA, knowing the first steps to follow in Pokémon Unite is key if you want to save time and resources. This Nintendo Switch title has hit the market loaded with content, and there are a total of 20 Pokémon to choose from, and more should be arriving in the future.

With 10 minute games action-packed from minute 1, TiMi Studios’ proposal raises a Map in which there are only 2 lanes and a huge central area full of wild Pokémon to defeat. In these 10 minutes, a series of neutral objectives will appear that we can defeat to gain advantages in the game.

The game gives many characters and objects that can be very useful and that you should not buy, and it is that you do not have to go through the box to unlock playable content (The aesthetic is another matter, although they also give the odd gift). The Battle Passes, the free content … although on paper it seems easy to claim, there are really many places to go to get all the rewards that the game offers. We tell you how to claim them all.

How to get started in Pokémon Unite

Do the tutorials

Pokémon Unite

Yes, you are probably thinking “I come from other MOBAs, I know how it works”. That’s true (in part), but the game has some unique mechanics (like wild Pokémon and such), and completing them they will give you quite a few rewards.

To give you an idea of ​​the importance of doing all the tutorials, they will get a total of 4,800 coins, a not inconsiderable amount (the cheapest Pokémon cost 6,000 coins, and the most expensive 10,000).

Claim ALL rewards

Image from Pokémon Unite

For claim the rewards, you have to go to the following sections:

  • The calendar with the Pokéball (Events).
  • The ticket with the star (the Battle Pass).
  • The list with the yellow tick (Challenges).
  • Pressing the X and going to the Mail section.
  • Pressing the R (Rewards by trainer level).

Visit these sections from time to time to claim the rewards and get the corresponding coins.

Have a head when buying Pokémon!

Image from Pokémon Unite

Beyond that you like a character, it is important that you check in the different sections if that character that you love so much is going to end up giving you. For example, by raising the Coach level you get Slowbro and Venusaur, and in the Initial 14 reward days Get Ninetales from Alola, Cinderace and Greninja.

With the Challenges you can also unlock Crustle. As you will see, there are many free characters, so check all the sections before investing your precious coins in a champion.

Use Pokémon with extra rewards

Image from Pokémon Unite

In the Pokémon selection screen (already in game), a series of creatures will appear with a green arrow in the lower right corner. If you use them, you will get extra rewards at the end of the game.

Obviously this will only be of interest if you are not playing ranked matches, but it can be a great way to get some extra coins to continue buying characters.

Spend some time looking at the objects

At the beginning of each game, you can configure your Pokémon with some objects to give you an advantage in battle. On one side are the passive objects, which give bonuses that you don’t have to activate, in the form of healing, extra damage, or extra resistances.

The active objects They are another matter, and although you can only have one, you can use it several times throughout the game to achieve an effect. There are a total of 8, and in addition to improving statistics they can also help you escape or heal some life. Know them all (and knowing how to recognize them on the loading screen) is vital to knowing how to deal with enemies.

Buy the items in the Aeos Emporium

Image from Pokémon Unite

This is a somewhat hidden mechanic, and that is that the game has a good handful of extra passive objects hidden in the store. To access them, go to the store and click on the central option: the Aeos Emporium. Once you are inside, go to the second tab, the “Items” tab.

Here you will find LOTS of extra secondary items that can be great depending on the type of character you use: the Jagged Helmet for the tanks, different objects to boost statistics with each kill …

The options are many, and you can pay with coins or tickets. If you are not a fan of cosmetic content for your coach, here you can invest your tickets in something that will be very useful during your games. The choice is yours.
Take a look at the Battle Pass

Image from Pokémon Unite

Beyond the cosmetic content that the Battle Pass offers, there are many tickets in the pay levels and item upgrades you can get. With these buffs, you can level up your passive items to make them slightly better, so you will need them in the future.

The Battle Pass It costs a total of 9 euros, although there is an offer with which you will get just enough money for him for 4.49 euros. If you like the game and you have to improve your passive objects, this can be a great option.