Project Spartacus is now approaching PlayStation Plus and PS now merging for some players

The rumors of an imminent reveal for Project Spartacus seem to be mounting after some PS4 and PS5 players reported that free PS Now subscriptions are being added to their PlayStation Plus membership. Others have reported that existing memberships have changed their name, suggesting a merger into a new service may be happening soon.

What will happen to PS Plus and PlayStation Now?

PS Plus Merge Now

Reports from various NeoGaf users have claimed that those who purchase a new PlayStation Plus subscription or renew an existing subscription will receive a free PlayStation Now subscription for the same duration. For example, if you take out a 12-month PS Plus subscription, you also get a 12-month PS Now subscription at no extra cost.

Other players who already have a subscription to both services are reporting that there seems to be an error in their name. When they look at their subscription options, they see two subscriptions to PlayStation Plus instead of individual subscriptions to PS Plus and PS Now. However, those who are currently only subscribed to one or the other and who have not renewed their subscription will see no change.

IGN Italy decided to run an experiment on a profile with an existing PS Plus membership but no PS Now subscription. After purchasing PS Now for a month, they found that they had instead received a much longer subscription that expired at the same time as their existing PS Plus membership. However, they also clarified that these changes could potentially be a PlayStation Store bug. They also seem to be leaning on speculation that Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, Project Spartacus, will be revealed soon. The new service is expected to be unveiled at a State of Play show later this month, though Sony hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

In other news: OtherSide Entertainment is working on an “immersive simulation” for a brand new IP address. The studio is the newest home of Warren Spector, creator of Deus Ex and System Shock. Elsewhere, Returnal has racked up eight BAFTA nominations, including Best Game.