Project Spartacus Reveal Coming Soon?

Shadow Warrior 3 will be released on March 1. This news is nothing special in and of itself, but a little note next to the latest gameplay trailer revealed that the game will be launching on PlayStation Now on the same day. This is the first day one title to arrive in the subscription service, and the news has sparked rumors of an impending Project Spartacus unveiling.

When will Project Spartacus be revealed?

Rumor has it that Project Spartacus is the name of Sony’s rival to Xbox Game Pass. Sony Interactive Entertainment Chief Executive Officer Jim Ryan has previously said Microsoft’s subscription model wouldn’t work for PlayStation, especially with the launch of AAA titles on day one. Sony has been working on some sort of response, though, and in November Ryan said “news would be coming”. Given that Shadow Warrior 3 is the first title ever to launch day one in the service, many are expecting an announcement before the end of February.

Previous rumors have claimed that Project Spartacus will be a monthly subscription service on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 that will provide access to a library of modern and classic PlayStation titles. Both PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are expected to merge into Project Spartacus, while some form of cloud gaming is also expected to be involved.

In other news, Guerrilla Games has announced that they are prioritizing the visual issues that some players are experiencing in Horizon Forbidden West, especially in the game’s performance mode. They aim to release an update as soon as possible. Elsewhere, Sony has finally unveiled PSVR 2 and the final design of the Sense controllers to the world, with a matching design featuring an “orb” look that represents the 360-degree view players get while using the headset. In a similar design to the PS5, the headset will feature thousands of tiny PlayStation logos.