PS5 Faceplate Maker lashes out at Sony over new legal threat

Dbrand, the creator of the PlayStation 5 faceplate who previously challenged Sony to sue after being threatened with legal action, eventually brought the plates to the surface after receiving another Cease & Desist letter from Sony. .

As reported by The Verge, Dbrand released an expletives-laden statement on Reddit, saying it’s only compliant “for now”, referring to Sony as “terrorists”.

Dbrand’s ‘Darkplates’, as they were called, had their own take on the PlayStation symbol pattern found on the PS5. Among other things, Sony objected, stating that it violates the company’s trademark rights, as the design is legally owned by Sony. In his counter argument, Dbrand wrote that Sony should consider suing Netflix because squid game uses the circle, triangle, and square symbols throughout the show.

“Did you know that Sony believes that our distinctive and original ‘Illuminati Pyramid / Radiation Hazard / Skull & Crossbones / Angry Robot Head’ symbols, engraved into the Darkplates, infringe on their trademarked button shapes? How the fuck did squid game get away with it?” Dbrand complained.

It’s unclear what Dbrand plans to do next, but ended his Reddit post with “talk fast.”

“We have chosen to submit to the demands of the terrorists…for now,” Dbrand continued. “While we strongly believe in the consumer’s right to customize and customize their hardware with aftermarket components, your Darkplates are now a collector’s item. You know what they say: you either die as the owner of Darkplates, or you live long enough to see yourself become the scalper. Finally, fuck you and most of all fuck Sony. Talking soon.”

[Source: Reddit via The Verge]