PS5 Restock 2022: Where in stock for January 4? (US, UK)

The start of a new year should hopefully mean more opportunities to buy the elusive Playstation 5. Although stores pulled out all the stops to unleash a torrent of PS5 stock towards the end of last year, there are still countless gamers eager to get their hands on Sony’s next-gen console. Fortunately, we at PlayStation LifeStyle have made it our daily habit to look for the latest PS5 restock updates from US and UK retailers. Here’s the PSLS PS5 Restock Update for January 4, 2022 for both the disc and digital editions.

Which US stores have PS5 stock for today, January 4?

PS5 Restock 2022

Update to replenish PS5 console stock in the US

As of today, January 4, 2022, eBay is the only US retailer with PS5 stock. Sorting by ‘Buy Now’ and ‘New Listing’, accompanied by a maximum price cap, can help users break through the high asking prices.

  • eBay – PS5 is in stock
  • Amazon – Addition not yet announced
  • GameStop – Addition not yet announced
  • Best Buy – Addition not yet announced
  • Target – Addition not yet announced
  • Walmart – Replenishment Not Announced Yet

Aside from eBay, Amazon was the last place to have PS5 stock on December 30.

US PS5 accessory restock update

Which UK stores have PS5 stock today, January 4?

PS5 Restock 2022

eBay is also the best bet for UK PS5 stock. While there are surcharges from £50-100, there are some relatively good deals to be had.

Search with “Buy it now” and “Newly listed” to find the most recent posts. Combine this with a maximum price cap to find the best deals.

Should I buy a PS5 on eBay?

PS5 Restock 2022

eBay is a popular destination for those desperate for a PS5. Unfortunately, prices of the console on eBay have been extremely high since the PS5’s launch in 2020. Those who manage to get hold of stock from retailers (or “scalp”) have increased the price to take advantage of demand.

Buying a PS5 on eBay can still be worth it if you manage to get a particularly good deal. Some retailers have their own eBay outlet, which is sometimes supplemented separately from their actual online store. Good deals can also be found by filtering for ‘Buy Now’ and ‘New Listed’. Sometimes the strange friendly person just wants to sell the console at cost or close.

This PSLS PS5 Restock Update Post is regularly updated to ensure our readers get the latest, most accurate stock information.

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