PS5 Restock January 10, 2022: where to buy? (US, UK)

Last week saw the biggest PS5 declines over the year, with both Best Buy and Target selling hundreds of systems in both the disk and Digital Edition versions. Despite this, the demand for PS5 still far exceeds Sony’s supply, meaning many future next-gen gamers are still waiting for a fresh supply. While the wait is frustrating and it can be difficult to see others succeed in securing a system, the success of others means there are now fewer people in line. Let’s hope this week is your week! Once again, the staff here at PSLS are on hand to quickly report on the new stock news from US and UK retailers. Here is the PSLS PS5 Restock Update for January 10, 2022.

Which US stores have PS5 stock for today, January 10?

PS5 Restock January 10

Update to replenish PS5 console stock in the US

Today, January 10, 2022, Ebay is the best place to get guaranteed US PS5 stock. As we always recommend, filtering by ‘Buy Now’ and ‘New Listing’, combined with a price cap, will help users break through the massively inflated scalper prices.

After the big drops of Target and Best Buy last Wednesday and Thursday, the news about the PS5 restock has certainly slowed down. The good news is that proven successful stock tracker Jake Randall will continue to report on all the stock replenishment details he hears and we here at PSLS will also keep our ears updated for any new PS5 stock updates.

US PS5 accessory restock update

A nice selection of PS5 accessories remains in stock. For those who have successfully grabbed a PS5, or want to be prepared and ready for when they finally get one, the accessories above are worth checking out.

Which UK stores have PS5 stock today, January 10?

PS5 Restock January 10

While EE was the top choice for those looking for new PS5 stock in the UK, the mobile phone company appears to be out of stock. This means that Ebay is the best choice for now.

At the time of writing, the best PS5 deals on Ebay are selling around £50-100 above MSRP. Many of these are listed as ‘Used’ or ‘Refurbished’, and those could also be holiday gifts that people ended up not wanting. If so, they must be relatively new.

Of course, it’s important to remember that when buying a refurbished product, it’s worth asking the seller about warranty status and whether the PS5 has been opened at all.

Search listings sorted “Buy Now” and “Newly Listed” to find the latest posts. Combine this with a maximum price cap to find the best deals and avoid the high prices of scalpers.

Those wishing for new Amazon UK PS5 stock will be saddened to hear there are no reports of an impending decline. December 23rd was the last time PS5s were in stock at Amazon UK.

This PSLS PS5 Restock Update post will be updated throughout the day to give our readers the best chance of getting their hands on new PS5 stock. Good luck there!

For those who manage to get their hands on a PS5 order, the next port of call is this article breaking down all PS5 exclusives in 2022. See what’s confirmed on PlayStation games only for this year.

Rumors suggest that Quantic Dream is working on a medieval fantasy game. In addition, it would be humorous, which will be quite a task for the developer.

Another rumor suggests that the next PS4/PS5 State of Play is slated for February. If true, it means PlayStation fans won’t have to wait long to see more of confirmed releases and, if we’re lucky, some unannounced titles.