PS5 Restock January 16, 2022: where to buy? (US, UK)

It is Sunday, the day when many people are free from work and spend their time hunting PS5 resupplied. Unfortunately, the weekends can be rather slow for PS5 drops, though there is the occasional chance that those eager to grab a next-gen Sony system should keep an eye out. On Friday, GameStop had PS5 stock in recommended stores, giving US customers the chance to take one home for the weekend. Meanwhile, people in the UK are still waiting for the big drop in Argos. Get the full details on upcoming drops with this PS5 Restock Update for January 16.

Which US stores have PS5 stock today, January 16?

ps5 will be restocked January 16

Update to replenish PS5 console stock in the US

For today, January 16, 2022, Ebay is once again the go-to site for PS5s now in stock. Users will definitely need to filter by “Buy it now” and “Newly Listed” to find the good deals. Implementing a price cap is also recommended as it helps filter out scalpers.

New drops at US retailers are expected next week. 2022 was consistent with weekly restocks so fingers crossed this continues. The proven reliable inventory tracker @PS5restocks_etc tweeted his confidence that both PS5 and Xbox Series X will be restocked in “the next few days”.

  • Target – Drop took place on January 6
  • Walmart – Restock took place online on January 13
  • Amazon – Addition not yet announced
  • Best Buy – Surprise Drop happened on January 5
  • GameStop – Restocking in Stores on January 14
  • BJ’s – Drop took place on January 12th

The latest PS5 restock took place in select GameStop stores on January 14. Before that, Walmart sold PS5s through its website on January 13. More PS5 drops are expected next week.

US PS5 accessory restock update

While PS5s are still out of stock, accessories for the system are still being restocked on Amazon. Check out the links above for some peripherals that will help enhance the next-gen experience.

Which UK stores have PS5 stock today, January 16?

ps5 will be restocked January 16

BT store remains the best place to get UK PS5 stock. Unfortunately, for those with another ISP, this deal is only available to BT Broadband customers.

Do you have a BT Broadband account? then head here to view the available PS5 consoles and PS5 bundles. At the time of writing, there are still a few in stock.

For those who don’t have a BT Broadband account, Argos is the one to keep an eye out for in the coming weeks, with stock expected between January 25-28. This is shown by @PS5StockAlertUK, which is another reliable stock tracker.

eBay is also an option. For those who take the time to filter through the hundreds of scalper listings, PS5s can currently be found for just £50-80 above MSRP. That’s not a terrible premium when you consider scalper prices. That said, many of these good deals are listed as “Used” or “Refurbished”, so won’t be brand new. It is always worth contacting the seller of these types of offers, asking about the system warranty and whether the console has been opened at all.

In the world of PlayStation news, issues with Call of Duty: Vanguard and Warzone will be solved, Activision has promised.

Dying Light 2 DLC and post-launch content is promised for five years after launch. After the extensive support of the original game, Techland can perform well.

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