PS5 SSD Why Is The PS5 SSD 825GB

PS5 SSD – Why is the PS5 SSD 825GB and not 1TB?

PS5 SSD Why is the PS5 SSD 825GB?

The PS5 SSD is weird. It’s weird because the PS5 SSD has 825 GB of storage instead of expecting 1TB or 2TB. Why is this a thing though? Why did Sony choose to give the PS5 825 GB SSD storage?? We’ll let you know the answer to that question here in our handy little guide.

PS5 SSD – Why is the PS5 SSD 825GB?

It turns out that there is in fact a very good reason why the PS5 SSD Storage Size is set to 825 GB. The bottom line is that the PS5 SSD isn’t just some peripheral storage solution that the PS5 talks about every now and then – it’s instead deeply embedded in the silicon in a way that hasn’t been done before. Groundbreaking stuff indeed.

PS5 SSD Why is the PS5 SSD 825GB?
There is a very good reason why the PS5 SSD has 825 GB of storage.

This means that the overall level of performance that the PS5 can pull off has been greatly improved, as the PS5 SSD is effectively married to the PS5 CPU.

In practice, Sony has managed to pair the PS5 SSD modules with the rest of the PS5 silicon via a 12-channel flash interface, giving the console blazing-fast performance. 5.5 GB/s of I/O performance. Essentially, this means that the PS5 can stream new data almost seamlessly.

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A prime example of this in action is the PS5 exclusive title Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, where developer insomnia games uses portals to quickly and instantly thrust the player into entirely new, different worlds.

However, the truth is that the reason why the PS5 SSD is 825 GB is because it is made specifically for the console and perfectly matches the 12-channel flash interface that allows the PS5 SSD to process data as fast as it does.

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