PSN Down: Are Sony’s Servers Offline for PS4, PS5 – PSN Status December 2021

Is PSN Down, PSN Down, PSN Servers, Sony PSN, PSN Status, PlayStation Network – PSN down reports have started flooding the net again and no scheduled maintenance is currently underway. Here’s everything we know about PSN status and whether PSN is currently unavailable to PS4 and PS5 owners.

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Is PSN down? (Updated December 15, 2021)

Update Dec 15 @ 5:05 PM –

PSN is currently back up and running according to reports. Hopefully he doesn’t have any further problems today.

Yes, PSN is currently experiencing a major outage in multiple regions, although at the time of writing, Sony’s official PSN service status does not recognize these issues. However, it seems that users in the US, EU, UK and more are experiencing PSN down errors. It’s not the only service to have issues either.

We will continue to monitor the situation and update accordingly!