PSVR 2 backwards compatibility: Sony now has ‘nothing to announce’

Sony Interactive Entertainment has said there is ‘nothing to announce’ about PSVR 2 backwards compatibility.

The hardware manufacturer has been talking all week about its new virtual reality device after a presentation at CES 2022, and many people are probably wondering if they can play their PSVR games on PSVR 2.

Speaking to Stephen Totilo, a spokesperson for the format holder said there is “nothing more to announce at this time” regarding this potential feature.

While Sony isn’t commenting on it at the moment, it probably won’t happen as they are two completely different pieces of technology. However, with remasters common these days, there’s a good chance we’ll see new versions of existing titles for PSVR 2.

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PSVR 2 has yet to pull a release date, although there are rumors circulating that the device will ship in Q2 2022.

[Source – Stephen Totilo on Twitter]