PSVR Action Hulk Fracked impresses with adrenaline-pumping extended gameplay trailer

nDreams, the creative people behind the upcoming PSVR title cracked, have unleashed a fresh take on the action of the past in an expansive gameplay trailer.

The game was announced earlier this year with a summer 2021 release window, and that still appears to be the case in a new PlayStation Blog post. This time, however, we’re treated to a much more detailed look at Fracked, so check out the new trailer below.

In case you haven’t been keeping up with our coverage of the game, Fracked sees the protagonist trapped in a deep mountain fracking facility, having succumbed to a bunch of weapon-wielding, interdimensional villains known as the Fracked. The game combines heart-pounding free running with 1:1 run and cover gun battles, making for a pretty fast-paced gameplay experience.

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Fracked will also benefit from the PS5’s extra horsepower, as playing the game through backwards compatibility will improve the game’s frame rate, load times, and resolution. However, nDreams has said that the PS4 and PS4 Pro editions will still look “incredible”.

Fracked is scheduled for release on PSVR in the summer of 2021.

[Source – PlayStation Blog]