PSVR game Pirate Flight VR is free to download on the PS Store until January 13

The PlayStation Store offers PSVR game Pirate Flight VR free until January 13, 2022. Just come there now and get the game for free.

Okay, so it probably won’t set the world on fire, but it’s free and can be fun for a few hours, so who’s going to complain?

Billed as ‘made for everyone’, Pirate Flight VR is a causal flying VR title, so presumably it’s easy to pick up – perhaps ideal for younger gamers. There are 90 missions to tackle in three vibrant worlds, with no landings or complicated controls to get in your way.

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Indeed, the blurb says this isn’t a flight simulator, just plain arcade fun – and for some reason there are dragons too. Pirate Flight clocks in at 90 FPS and features a standard comfort mode so you don’t have to worry about motion sickness.

Speaking of PSVR, it was recently reported that the PSVR 2 will go into production in the near future.