Quantic Dream lawsuit dismissed as right side with Studio

On Wednesday, April 7, the Paris Court of Appeal rejected the claims Quantic Dream by a former employee, who claimed the studio promoted a “toxic, racist, misogynistic, sexist” and “homophobic” work environment. The plaintiff has been asked to pay Quantic Dream costs and damages in connection with the case.

In a press release, Quantic Dream said the ruling justified and punished those guilty of making allegations that “seriously damaged the studio’s honor and reputation.” Quantic Dream further claims that there was a deliberate and coordinated attempt to attack the studio, and anyone who spoke out in defense of the studio was also viciously attacked.

The press release goes on to say:

These objective, factual and verifiable elements, confirmed by the competent judicial or administrative institutions, indisputably demonstrate that the allegations in these articles were untrue and would likely damage the studio’s honor and reputation. Quantic Dream has chosen to make these elements public today to set the record straight.

Quantic Dream reaffirms the values ​​that the studio has always defended in its games and within the company, namely values ​​of humanism, inclusivity and the right of individuals to express themselves uniquely. We will continue to defend them with the same passion and determination as always. Quantic Dream remains committed to continuing to work with its employees to create a serene work environment conducive to the professional and personal development and satisfaction of all.

The ruling of the Paris Court of Appeal closes the case against Quantic Dream.

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