Rainbow Six Siege launches High Caliber, a new season with great news!

Get ready to explore the new season of Rainbow six siege titled High caliber. The new season features an Irish defender named Thorn, now available through the High Caliber Battle Pass premium track, which features proximity-activated sticky devices called Razorbloom Shells capable of deploying on almost any surface. What will happen when the device is activated? Well, after a short period of assembly, a wide variety of razor-sharp blades will shoot out with astonishing lethal force in all directions! It’s great! Or maybe not so much… depending on which side you are on.

Due to the delay of firing, Razorbloom projectiles pair well with Defenders who can slow down attackers and keep them in their lethal radius, such as Melusi, Clash, or anyone with barbed wire. Attackers can destroy or disable devices in a number of ways, but the Razorblooms aren’t the only new threat Thorn brings to High Caliber.

Also, it has a new weapon: the UZK50Gi submachine gun, a completely new firearm created by the Siege team. If you want to know how it works, just imagine a submachine gun with a particular vengeance against destructible walls and floors. The UZK50Gi has great destructive power, thanks to its 50 caliber rounds that give Thorn the ability to reshape the map to suit his strategies. Even if the attackers manage to scout the location of their Razorbloom projectiles or react quickly enough to get out of harm’s way, Thorn is likely waiting to seize the moment. If the UZK50Gi doesn’t convince you, select the M870 shotgun as your primary weapon and the 1911 TACOPS pistol or C-75 automatic machine gun as your handgun.

Play as Thorn and wield his impressive cargo by unlocking the High Caliber Battle Pass premium track. Also, you can unlock it in two weeks with Renown or R6 credits.

Also, High Caliber will bring some free Xbox updates as part of the season launch. The Outback map has been completely redesigned, focused on offering better flow, cleaner navigation, and improved bomb sites for more balanced conflicts. Garage bosses will find less space dedicated to vehicles and more viable cover positions, giving Defenders a better chance of containing the Attackers’ entry. Instead, the Attackers will be able to choose to focus on a new breakable exterior wall on the top floor near the party room and office bomb site, or use the new covered and restructured terrace entrance to gain a foothold. The motel rooms and bathroom have also been updated, so be sure to keep an eye on all the changes on the Discovery playlist for the new ground layout.

High Caliber will also give a buff to Finka’s Adrenal Boost device, allowing you to use load to get you up from a downed state but not out of it. If you want to know more about the full season roster, including balance changes and player protection updates, visit the official news site of Rainbow six siege.

Don’t waste your time to get hidden Razorbloom. Download High Caliber now and swear with your friends. Explore the new season of Rainbow six siege!