Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector Glare brings a new Operator

Operation Vector Glare begins today in rainbow six siege, bringing something very surprising to distract the Defenders and hide the plans of the Attackers. Using his ROU Projector System device, a new attacker named Sens can deploy opaque and brightly colored walls of light in a variety of creative ways to hide his movements and gain a tactical advantage over defenders. Sens is now available via the Vector Glare Battle Pass premium track and will be unlockable with Renown or R6 Credits in two weeks. Operation Vector Glare also offers a ton of free updates for all players to enjoy right away, as well as a way to unlock free operators by playing with your friends.

A new Team Deathmatch map, titled Close Quarters, places you in an arena designed for fast-paced matches. As the first map created exclusively for TDM, there are no defense-focused areas (such as objective sites), and the hallways and stairs are color-coded to help you quickly reorient yourself after respawning (best for hunting down the player who hit you). exceeded). ). There’s also a new shooting range that you can jump into with any Operator (even ones you haven’t unlocked yet) to test out their weapons and practice your aim before wielding them against opponents. Also: A new implementation of the reputation system coming later this season is aimed at players who repeatedly and intentionally incur the friendly fire penalty, plus a third secondary weapon slot is now available for some Operators to give them more flexibility load.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector Glare

Operation Vector Glare marks the launch of the Squad Up Reactivation program, which rewards you with free Operators and more for bringing former players back. Rainbow Six Siege. If you’ve played Siege since the release of Demon Veil, the first season of Year 7, you can earn up to three free Year 6 Operators (or equivalent rewards if you already have them) and an exotic weapon skin for the R4C Assault Rifle. All you have to do is recruit up to four players who haven’t played Siege in year 7, join them, play five PvP matches in any mode and you will get a reward per player. Returning players will also get rewards; at the end of five matches, they will be awarded a Year 4 or 5 Operator. They will then be able to recruit more returning players and earn the rewards mentioned above.

Now a little more detail on the new Attacker, Sens – they hail from Belgium and come equipped with either the 417 Marksman Rifle or the new POF-9 Assault Rifle as their primary weapon, and either the SDP 9MM Pistol or the Gonne-6 as their main weapon. main weapon. his secondary weapon. They can also bring with them a Hard Breaking Charge or Claymore as their secondary gadgets.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector Glare

But let’s talk about its main device, the ROU Projector System. It is a self-propelled wheel that, when pulled, rolls across the ground dropping small projectors until it runs out of power. These projectors create overlapping walls of light along the ROU’s path (which can also bounce off the walls to form zigzag lines). The result is a wall that operators can walk through, shoot or throw things through, but cannot see. This presents opportunities for attackers to run a sneaky takedown plant, pick up a downed teammate unseen, or simply draw defenders’ attention away from where the real action is. And if Glaz and his HDS Flip Sight are in the field, the ROU walls become much more dangerous.

But Glaz isn’t the only one equipped to see through Sens’ walls of light. Warden can also use his Glance smart glasses to penetrate the veil, making him a strong counter for Sens. Defenders can try to stop the ROU. before you position the projectors (with Jäger’s ADS devices or Wamai’s Mag-NET) or turn off the projectors. themselves (with Signal Jammers from Mute or an EMP blast from a bulletproof camera). Maestro’s bulletproof cameras and evil eyes can also see through walls, and impatient defenders can use explosives (such as a shock grenade) to destroy projectors. The walls will also disappear after a short time, so Defenders can bide their time if they wish. But what will the attackers be doing during that time? It’s up to you and your teammates to find out.

Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Vector Glare

Operation Vector Glare is here with an all-new Battle Pass and challenges to complete, and Sens is bringing a whole new tactical dimension to gunfights. rainbow six siege. Log in now to see (or not see, as the case may be) what they can do.

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