Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Adds New Map, Operator and Team Deathmatch Mode

Ubisoft has taken the cloths off the Rainbow Six Siege roadmap for its seventh year on the market (yes, it really has been that long), which will add the first map in three years in the form of Emerald Plains.

Operation Demon Veil kicks off Rainbow Six Siege Year 7, with the Emerald Plains map arriving mid-season and offering a country club-like setting in which to compete. There will also be a new Operator in the form of Azami, who has the ability to use a bulletproof compound known as Kiba Barriers to repair ruined surfaces, ceilings, and floors.

Ubisoft has confirmed that Azim’s speed and health stats are in the mid-range and come equipped with either an SMG or Shotgun, depending on your choice. Meanwhile, she wields a D-50 Desert Eagle as a side arm, with barbed wire or impact grenades as a secondary gadget.

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Elsewhere, Operation Demon Veil includes the addition of the Attacker Repick, which allows the attacking team to switch gear and operator during the preparation phase. This is present in Quick Match, Unranked, Ranked and Pro League modes.

Finally, Rainbow Six Siege introduces Year 7 Team Deathmatch as a permanent game mode, which aims to provide a more casual gameplay experience in a mix of more hardcore offerings. It takes five minutes, or when a team collects 75 kills.

Rainbow Six Siege was released in December 2015 for PS4, PC and Xbox One and has grown significantly thanks to Ubisoft’s robust post-launch support.