Reason why Halle Berry is proud of her Catwoman movie

Despite the fact that Catwoman is considered one of the worst comic book character movies, actress Halle Berry has no regrets.

The movie of Catwoman (2004) was a resounding failure, since it raised about 82 million dollars with a budget of 100 million, however Halle berry thinks it was a good decision, since although it served to win an award Razzie worst actress, he also got a big paycheck.

“It was one of the biggest paydays of my entire life, and there is nothing wrong with that.” Halle Berry revealed. “I don’t want to feel like: Oh, I can only do prize-worthy things. What is an award-winning performance? “

Halle berry He also revealed that after winning an Emmy, a Golden Globe and an Oscar, the types of roles he was offered were “amazing.”

“I thought they were going to back up the truck and drop them off at my house, right? When you have a historic victory like that, you think: Oh, this is going to fundamentally change. It fundamentally changed me, but it didn’t change my place in the business overnight. He still had to get back to work. I still had to try to fight my way out of nowhere. “

He is still his favorite character.

Although Catwoman it is a negative point of his career, Halle berry does not change how he feels about the villain of Dc comics.

“Yes, Catwoman is still my favorite superhero … Eartha Kitt’s version, though.”

Also not having control in the creative process of the film of Catwoman, It helped her to decide to try as a director.

“The story didn’t feel quite right.” Explained actress Halle Berry in an earlier interview. “I remember having that argument: Why can’t Catwoman save the world like Batman and Superman do? Why are you saving women from a facial cream that breaks their face? But I was just the actress for hire. I was not the director. I had very little to say about it ”.

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