Reason why Keanu Reeves turned down Speed ​​2 (1997)

Actor Keanu Reeves starred in the first installment, but he refused to be in Speed ​​2 and explains it hilariously in a recent interview.

In 1994 the career of Keanu reeves was taking off and starred in the action movie Speed, a few years later they did Speed ​​2 where he repeated Sandra Bullock, while the actor was replaced by Jason patric. Which was a success for him, as the first grossed about $ 350 million worldwide, while the sequel only made about $ 164 million and the script was far worse.

Now, in a recent interview, Keanu reeves has revealed why he did not Speed ​​2. The first movie has a bus blocked at a certain speed. If the vehicle slows down, a bomb will explode. So the protagonists are forced to make sure to avoid things like traffic or go slow if they want to survive. The idea worked. However, the actor said: “The bus is not that fast, but a cruise is even slower than a bus. And I was like: I love you guys, but I just can’t do it. “

Keanu reeves has revealed that it was at that point in his career that he chose the scripts very well and Speed ​​2 It seemed silly to him and he didn’t want to get involved. The funny thing is that it has recently been rumored that they could make the third installment and it would be interesting if they repeated all the protagonists of both films.

Reason why Keanu Reeves turned down Speed ​​2 (1997)

He is in one of his best cinematic moments.

The actor Keanu reeves he had a bump in his career, but is currently about to release Matrix 4 where it will reappear as NEO and also will John wick 4 and 5. but he also has two very interesting projects like the series Rian, where he will play a murderer specialized in making his victims appear to have died of natural causes and Past midnight which will be directed by Rick Famuyiwa.

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