Reason why Thor from God of War is different from Marvel Studios

Those responsible for the video game God of War explain why their Thor does not look like Chris Hemsworth in Marvel Studios.

The trailer for God of War: Ragnarok from Santa Monica Studio and some detail of Thor, but also in the conceptual art of the video game, the powerful character could already be seen. What stands out the most is that it does not resemble the version of Chris Hemsworth of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe. Now those responsible have wanted to explain their creative decisions.

Director Eric williams and the creative director Cory Barlog they talked about their choice to represent Thor. Williams said: “Well, I don’t know, we just want him to be a big boy, you know. Marvel’s interpretation of him is one thing. It is interesting. We wanted to, you know, dig a little deeper into the mythology itself. “

In God of War concept art, Thor He is depicted with red hair and wears armor that reveals his huge torso. “They have an immediate presence”. Eric Williams explained. “And it is not always due to the muscles. They are like a wall of a human being, you know. So this is a wall of a God, you know, and that’s why it was very important. “

Reason why Thor from God of War is different from Marvel Studios

They wanted to give a change to the stereotypical versions of the Hollywood gods.

Cory Barlog commented: “I think there’s something so fantastic about it that it doesn’t all have to be this kind of blinding muscle concept to remain fantastic, powerful and intimidating.“. The most knowledgeable in Norse mythology assure that the version of God of war from Thor it is very successful. Since he is usually depicted as a glutton and also enjoys a drink so much that he once drank half the ocean during a challenge.

Eric williams shared some details of Thor: “I wanted him to feel almost like a male child, you know, like you have so much power and you can do those things, you are not going to grow up. There’s no need. Just do it. Whatever you want”.

It will be interesting to check the battle of Thor against Kratos and Atreus. Since it will be one of the great attractions of this sequel, which will come directly to Playstation 5.