Rec Room is now available on PS5

REC Room is a social hub for players to come together on all platforms, including VR, and now you can grab it PS5 also.

It is completely free and you can not only hang out with friends but also play games and even build your own games. Ever since REC Room works with all platforms, including mobile devices, there are literally millions of player-made games to try.

The PS5 release also came with a brand new trailer, which you can check out for yourself here:

REC Room originally launched in 2016, and has since jumped in over 37 million players worldwide REC Room. Last September only, developer Rec Room Inc. added an all-new vehicle experience, allowing players to race against each other with up to six friends.

What’s more, practically immediately after its release on PS5, REC Room gets a new Winter Wonderland update, with new outfits, games and holiday fun.

Source – [Rec Room Press Release]