Relax with pomegranates and Persian myths

Let me ask you something. How much do you know about Persian myths?

I am here to take your hands and lead you to the realm of the gods. Are you ready for July 13?the? let’s release Biston’s tale on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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The first is the first! Biston’s tale is a story-rich action-adventure game inspired by

by and adapted from the 12th century tragic romantic poem Chosroes and Shirin. A stone sculptor with no memory of who he is must traverse blighted lands and a mysterious realm to discover his identity as an eerily familiar whisper begs him to rescue him.


What is the gameplay then? Fighting ancient monsters, hammering a titan-sized god, ridding nature of disease, listening to the stories of a tree that talks while eating pomegranate, and digging memory stones from the heart of Mount Bistun are just a sampling of what you can do in Biston’s tale.


And as you immerse yourself in the story of the Persian gods, you can listen to the beautiful voices of our storytellers. I’m sure you’re familiar with the great works of Shohreh Aghdashloo and Marc Thompson in charming video games, movies, and TV shows like the expansionY Star Wars. They have also gone to great lengths to tell this ancient story.

Sir Isaac Newton once said, If I have seen further, it is standing on the shoulders of giants..” But if you want to scale a giant first, you need a fantastic team, and on behalf of Black Cube Games and IMGN.PRO, I invite you all to play and enjoy. Biston’s tale today on Xbox.

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Biston’s tale

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The Tale of Bistun is a story-based action-adventure game inspired by the famous Persian tragic romance “Khosrow and Shirin”. A stone sculptor with no memory of whom must traverse blighted lands to discover his identity and the source of a strangely familiar pleading whisper.