Remote Life comes to Xbox Systems via Smart Delivery on May 27

Hello gamers, I’m the developer, Mario, and I’m very excited to announce that remote life finally playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game has been very successful so far on PC earning over 90% positive reviews and many great reviews in gaming magazines. After gaining a huge following on PC, I’m very excited to let you experience the game on console.


What kind of game is Remote Life?

remote life is a side-scrolling space shooter (Shmup) with 16 giant levels, 18+ weapons, and countless enemies and bosses. He experiences fast-paced action gameplay with crazy and scary graphics and jumps into a brutal and fast-paced techno-alien world.

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The game offers excellent visual effects, a great atmosphere, and a mysterious sci-fi story. You will be able to choose between three spaceships with different speeds and several special vehicles that will make the gaming experience memorable. The 16 levels guarantee a great variation of the game, where each level is a completely new experience. Those also include special missions where you can explore huge open world levels. Collect more than 18 different weapons and discover which ones are the best to use in missions that are different from each other.


The game has various difficulty levels that you can choose based on your skills and experience. Also, an AI system will analyze your skills and help you with extra lives if needed. remote life contains a large number of enemies and there are no repetitive or boring enemy patterns, just enemies with aggressive AI. This ensures that every time you play you will be as excited as the first time you experience remote life. If you are a fan of retro games and pixel art, you can switch from HD graphics to 16 or 8 bit mode. The feeling will be like in arcades or retro consoles. One thing is certain: it cannot get boring!


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Free the world from this terrible nightmare before its disgusting breath of horror destroys humanity. A huge and threatening alien hive is approaching our planet. The only way to defeat him is to go in and destroy him from the center. You are John Leone, an ambitious pilot, ready to fire all his ammunition into the jaws of horror! Take your space plane and find out why aliens are attacking us, and experience the mysterious story behind this attack. But on top of all this: save our planet!

some personal words

This game has always been my dream game that I wanted to develop as a kid in the 80’s. I started playing in the 70’s with the Atari 2600, then in the 80’s I switched to Commodore and Sega Genesis which influenced me a lot. And now, after almost 50 years, I have fulfilled my dream, I would say that I am living my dream. I get so many fan mail from players who loved remote life. It is really a great success.

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During the three years of development I really worked very hard to make the best game I could create to give you an amazing experience. Surely the knowledge of retro games, as I personally went through many decades of games, is of great help in creating game concepts and mechanics. But an important factor was also the sci-fi movies of the 70s and 80s. I wanted to create a fast-paced action game with terrifying graphics and a believable alien world that you feel totally sucked into. There are about 100 different enemies and traps that can kill you. It’s a crazy big number.

Each level has its unique style and enemies. Scary, bony level designs, or very organic designs, where even the walls wobble if you shoot them. Or hazy desaturated levels. Levels that seem mysterious and intimidating or are full of empty spaces. I just love each one of them. Almost all levels have mid bosses and final bosses. Each of these looks crazy and outstanding. There are so many bosses that I can’t decide which one is my favorite.

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The game did very well on Steam and I am confident it will be successful on Xbox as well. I am very proud of it and I would like to encourage everyone to create a game, if that is your dream. I did it when I was almost 50, so if an older man can do it, a younger person can accomplish anything. Be brave my friends, and live your dream. I can proudly say that I and my game are part of gaming history, and I will not stop making games.

Enjoy the game my friends, and have a lot of fun!

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REMOTE LIFE is a 2D side scrolling Shoot ‘Em Up (shmup). Experience fast-paced action gameplay with stunning aesthetics. Gorgeous 3D animated graphics are filled with creepy monsters, sinister backgrounds, and menacing bosses. With 16 different unique combat missions, get ready to fly through a vibrant and haunting alien world. This game is a total immersion in an invisible world. FEATURES * Space shooter / shmup * Fantastic visual effects * 16 amazing missions * Auto save level progression * Compelling story and mysterious atmosphere * 18+ weapons