Reportedly more PlayStation acquisitions coming soon

Following the news that Sony is looking to acquire Bungie for $3.6 billion, Game Awards host Geoff Keighley claimed to have heard from multiple sources that “big” deals in the game industry are currently in the final stages. of negotiations and he hinted that we will hear about them as soon as this year.

Keighley, who has established connections within the industry, is one of a number of insiders who have spoken about these deals, but it’s unclear whether they’re just talking about mergers and acquisitions and/or video game exclusivity deals. The latter has been around for a while now.

Sony has already confirmed more PlayStation acquisitions

Like Microsoft, Sony has made it clear that it is not done with acquisitions yet. Both companies have been window shopping for a while, but Microsoft has spent a lot more money on consolidation than its rival. It certainly helps that it has a healthier cash flow than Sony. Nevertheless, Sony seems to have some money to spare if Bungie’s $3.6 billion deal isn’t its last.

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan insists PlayStation acquisitions have nothing to do with consolidation. The company wants to move beyond gaming and claims its acquisitions will aid the process.

Opinion: The thought of more acquisitions is pretty scary

Zamena writes… I’m sure Sony and Microsoft have valid reasons for spending the kind of money they’ve used to pick up game companies, but the idea that there are still “big” deals in the works is a bit concerning. Microsoft has already picked up two major publishers, and with Sony starting to conquer major studios like Bungie, I’m not sure where this will all end.

In other news, Dying light 2Store copies have been leaked and Sony has shipped 17.3 million PS5s despite supply restrictions.