Research firm estimates PS5 sales nearly doubled Xbox Series X/S sales in 2021

last Nov, Ampere analysis reported that the PS5 was better than the Xbox Series X/S against 2:1. Now it seems they believe this was the case before the end of the year.

A new report from the VGC website tells how Ampere’s research director Piers Harding Rolls believes that, while almost all consoles sold have it up to players Sony is still not satisfied.

Sony ended 2021 with PS5 achieve cumulative resale 17.1 million unitsaround 1.7 times the sales performance of the Xbox series.”

At this early stage, the global sales momentum is with Sonybut it will be frustrated that its potential has been undermined by the availability of products.”

That was the problem for all platform manufacturers, just being able to make enough systems to meet the demand.

It’s interesting because the demand is just much higher this generation, something that’s largely due to the growth of the gaming industry in the years since the PS4 launched, let alone these last two years.

The PS5 has reached sales milestones faster than the PS4 did, and there are more PS5s in the wild than there were PS4s in its launch cycle. But these devices are still impossible for many to get.

At this rate, it’s likely that production issues will continue this year, but unfortunately it’s likely beyond that.

Source – [VGC]