Research shows consumers prefer PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Market intelligence and analytics firm DFC Intelligence recently conducted a survey to gauge the demand for current-generation consoles and found “surprisingly” that despite the lack of significant hardware differences, consumers rely heavily on the Playstation 5 through Xbox Series X.

The survey was conducted between October and November and had nearly 3,000 respondents. The main benefits that consumers: to think the PS5 has more than Xbox Series X its “graphics and power.” 54 percent of consumers who don’t already own Xbox Series X said they probably won’t buy Microsoft’s console. In contrast, only 34 percent of respondents who don’t already own a PS5 said they wouldn’t buy Sony’s new hardware.

Nearly 42 percent of respondents said they plan to buy a PS5 to play games, while only 23 percent plan to buy an Xbox Series X.

“Arguably the biggest problem Microsoft faces with the Xbox is the lukewarm desire for online services,” wrote DFC Intelligence. “Online services, VR and a cool looking system were the lowest rated feature among consumers. Price, power and great games remain the main driving factor.”

The study also found that consumers Forza Horizon 5 equal to the next one Gran Turismo 7. Horizon Forbidden West also had similar consumer interest in Halo Infinite. That said, the survey found that consumers were most interested in: God of War: Ragnarok and a sequel to Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

[Source: DFC Intelligence via Wccftech]