Respawn battle royale tips, tricks and secrets

A guide with everything you need to know about Apex Legends.

Apex legends

Do you play or want to play Apex Legends? You’re in the right place: In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know to get up and running, including basic information and details about Apex Legends and tips, tricks and secrets that the community is discovering. It is an article in constant update, so do not hesitate to give it a scrolling in case there is any news.

First, a brief data sheet: Apex Legends is a battle royale set in the Titanfall universe, from the North American team Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts. It combines the traditional mechanics of the genre with a strong focus on team combat that you expect from a hero arena. Below are details and answers to the most common questions about Apex Legends.

  • Availability: PS4, Xbox One, PC (Origin)
  • Maps: 1 (King’s Canyon)
  • Players: 60 (20 squads of 3 people)
  • Playable Characters: 8
  • Weapons: 20

Apex Legends tips, tricks, and secrets
We guide and advise you.

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Full list of legends
Skills, statistics and details.

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Here you have the complete list of playable characters (or legends, as their makers call them). At the time of this writing, there are eight – most are free, but Caustic and Mirage must be unlocked with in-game currency or a premium currency.

Role Character Abilities
DPS Bangalore
  • Tactic: (Smoke Launcher) – Fires a high speed smoke canister that explodes when hitting a wall.
  • Passive: (Light step) – Shooting while sprinting makes you move faster for a period of time.
  • Definitive: (Rumble of Thunder) Launch an artillery attack that moves slowly across the stage.
Tracking Bloodhound
  • Tactic: (Omniscient Eye) – Briefly reveals the location of enemies, traps, and clues on nearby structures.
  • Passive: (Tracker) – See traces left by enemies.
  • Definitive: (Hunter Beast) – Enhance your senses, allow you to move faster and highlight your enemies.

Learn more in our Bloodhound guide.

Tank Caustic
  • Tactic: (Nox Gas Trap) – Launches canisters that release deadly Nox gas when shot or fired by enemies.
  • Passive: (Vision Nox) – Allows you to see enemies through the gas.
  • Definitive: (Nox gas grenade) – Cover a large area of ​​Nox gas.
Tank Gibraltar
  • Tactic: (Dome of Protection) – Launches a shield that blocks attacks for fifteen seconds.
  • Passive: (Coat of Arms) – Aiming Down displays a coat of arms that blocks fire.
  • Definitive: (Defensive Bombardment) – Launch a mortar attack on the marked location.
Support for Lifeline
  • Tactic: (DOC Medical Drone) – Call the Drone of Compassion to heal close companions.
  • Passive: (Combat Medic) – Revive fallen teammates while protecting with a shield. 25% faster healing items.
  • Definitive: (Survival Pack) – Request a capsule that drops high-quality defensive arsenal.
DPS Mirage
  • Tactic: (Unhinge) – Throw a holographic decoy to confuse the enemy.
  • Passive: (More!) – Automatically drops a decoy.
  • Definitive: (Disappear) – Launch a decoy team to distract enemies while taking cover.
Support for Pathfinder
  • Tactic: (Hook) – Hook to reach hard to reach places quickly.
  • Passive: (Inside Knowledge) – Beacon that scans the next ring location.
  • Definitive: (Lanzatirolinas) – Create a zip line for everyone to use.
DPS Wraith
  • Tactic: (In a Void) – Quickly repositions through voids, avoiding damage.
  • Passive: (Voices from the void) – A voice warns when danger is approaching.
  • Definitive: (Dimensional Gap) – Link two locations with portals for 60 seconds. All team can use it.

All weapons
Discover all the arsenal at your disposal.

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Assault rifles

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
VK-47 Flatline 18 16 Heavy
Hemlok 18 18 Heavy
R-301 18 14 Light
Havoc 25 18/45 Energy


Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
EVA-8 8 63 Shotgun
Peacekeeper 6 110 Shotgun
Mastiff 4 144 Own
Mozambique 3 Four. Five Shotgun


Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
P2020 10 12 Light
RE-45 fifteen eleven Light
Wingman 6 Four. Five Heavy

Sniper rifles

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
G7 Scout 10 30 Light
Longbow DMR 5 55 Heavy
Triple Take 5 69 Energy
Kraber .50 4 125 Own

Submachine guns

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
Alternator 16 13 Light
R-99 18 12 Light
Prowler twenty fifteen Heavy

Machine guns

Weapon Charger Hurt Ammunition
Devotion 44 17 Energy
M600 Spitfire 25 twenty Heavy