Returnal Developer Housemarque is working on a new IP

Private label working on a new IP, it’s confirmed from a new one interview† Speaking to a group of reporters after their win at the DIE awards, Return director Ilari Kuittinen let it slip that she is currently in the early days of coming up with a new IP

“It’s still early for us to start a new game, a new IP, and work it out. We’ll see what that involves.”

This doesn’t really give us any details on what this new IP could be, but at least it tells us they’re working on something other than potential DLC for Returnal.

After their last brand new IP, it’s exciting to know we’re getting something brand new again from one of Play stations recent acquisitions.

After making the leap from smaller arcade titles to big third-party action games, it means their next project could be a continuation of this new venture. We may not see the arcade-y games we know from Housemarque again, or at least for a while.

Source – [VentureBeat]