Returnal DLC or Expansion Teased, May Reveal The Game Awards

Housemarque stunned everyone with his unique villainous bullet-hell third-person PS5 exclusive shooter Return earlier this year, and a new tweet from the developer has fans speculating about an upcoming DLC ​​announcement.

The image that is seen is unknown to anyone; no one seems to be able to put it in Return current biomes and environments. The image shows what appears to be a rock formation that looks like a horned helmet or head, and is an off-screen image taken on a TV set on equipment crates – the kind often used for major events, such as The Game Awards. The figure that is the subject of the image looks like it might be one of the statues of the alien life forms that inhabit Atropos, though there seems to be something else going on, not to mention the unfamiliar environment it seems to be inside.

The comment on the tweet – “Atropos..?” – has led to speculation that the image isn’t even on Return alien world of Atropos, leading many to believe an incoming DLC ​​announcement will take Selene elsewhere. Seen Return hashtag, we’re sure the mysterious tweet has something to do with the game. But what it could be exactly is not yet known.

Housemarque was acquired by PlayStation Studios earlier this year and got Return standing as one of the first and biggest PS5 exclusives to date, it would make sense to continue supporting the game with additional places to go and things to do.

Of course, with The Game Awards 2021 coming up on December 9, that seems to be the closest event a plague could lead to a major announcement. Promoter Geoff Keighley is teasing a huge show with masses of announcements that will change the face of the video game industry as we know it. some new ones Return biomes may not really change video games as we know them, but it would be a great way to return to a much-loved game. For now though, this is all speculation until we either get a full announcement, or more teasing adds more weight to the possibility.

What does the image mean to you? Do you think Housemarque is preparing players to start the loop over?