Returnal Patch 1.3.3 Fixes rare crashes and missing trophies

Housemarque has been surprised by the positive critical reception of the recently released PS5 exclusive Returns, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t aware of issues that need to be fixed in the game. Return shipment The latest patch, Update 1.3.3., Fixes some of the most prominent issues including rare crashes / freezes, trophies not unlocking, and players’ inability to get through doors.

The patch fixes some of the known issues that Housemarque listed just three days ago. The most urgent of these was the PlayStation 5 console crash issue, which had something to do with the game’s pre-launch system. There is also the problem where players were unable to communicate with the manufacturers and go through doors. Unfortunately, the players who were hit with missing trophies (like PSLS editor in Chief Chandler Wood) will have to unlock them again in order to reach the platinum.

Below is a full list of changes.

Returnal Patch 1.3.3 Notes

One of the main things that the patch didn’t fix was the lack of save status in the game, which has become a hotly debated topic between purists and those who want more freedom to distance themselves from the game. The team has heard the feedback, but has not hinted at their next move and how it might resolve those complaints. There is also no photo mode, something we really wanted to see added.

After Housemarque moved away from the arcade shooter genre, they originally decided to try out the battle royale genre with Stormriders. Realizing that this was unlikely to work out, they put the game on hold to make their biggest game yet, Returns. The title has received rave reviews and the developer has since thanked Sony for working on something “very risky” and for providing “fantastic” support. The studio will continue to work on the game’s issues until they fix the issues that plague players the most. There’s no word yet on support beyond that for things like extra features or extra biomes and bosses.

[Source: Housemarque]