Returnal’s Support Studio is looking for a new console exclusive

Return developer private label, like many other studios, getting help from support studios is no stranger. Climax Studio is one of those support studios, who have actually worked with Private label for a while.

It was just noticed by the website GamesRadar That Climax rents, this time for an “AAA project for a first-party publisher,” according to the listing.

The position is for a senior level designer, but nothing further is said. Rather, it is what has not been said that could be more telling.

Climax has a history of working with Private label, and it’s very likely that whatever they’re working on is for Private label.

If so, we can be sure it’s coming PS5. It is also likely that this can be worked on DLC for Return, because there have been rumors for a while that we’ll be seeing more of Atropos in the future.

Source – [GamesRadar]