Reveal a never-before-seen costume of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn

New images from the so-called “Yesterday’s Cut” of Suicide Squad reveal a never-before-seen outfit for Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn.

Last year we finally saw the “Snyder Cut” of the League of Justice. Warner Bros. Pictures he was able to (finally) put the movie behind him, but then came the “Restore the SnyderVerse” and also the “Release the Ayer Cut”. This last move demanded the director’s cut. David Yesterday from suicide squad. The movie with the villains of DC Comics she was also mutilated by studio executives. We never saw the “true vision” of the filmmaker. And now we have news related to the character of harley quinncharacterized by the wonderful margot robbie.

The design of the villain that we have never seen before!

New snippets of movie content from suicide squad filmed by David Ayer in the first place have appeared on social networks, as collected in Comic Book Movie. This new information about “Ayer’s Cut” comes from the wardrobe supervisor Owen Thornton, who worked on the Warner Bros. movie, and they’ve allowed us to have a never-before-seen costume of Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn! Look, we share the image with you!

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«Harley Quinn, played by the inimitable Margot Robbie«Announces Thornton in the Instagram publication that you have on these lines. «She wore her wedding dress during the shots filmed in Los Angeles. It was fun dusting it off with the traditional red and blue colors. Of course, Suicide Squad has a lot of secrets hidden in David Ayer’s cut. This is just one of them«.

We do not know exactly what scene could have taken place at this time of suicide squad. Some have suggested that it would be the wedding of the female character with the joker from Jared Leto. The truth is that it makes sense, given the focus they gave the couple in that particular vision. An approach that, from our point of view, is ill-advised and unfortunate, given the misunderstanding of the relationship that both characters have in the DC Comics vignettes.