Riders Republic Debuts Season 1: Winter Bash

Winter came to Riders republic with the launch of Season 1, now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Find it in the Microsoft Store (Argentina, chili, Colombia Y Mexico). Winter Bash introduces a new feature, Season Progression, which lets you unlock exclusive rewards by collecting stars in special limited-time multiplayer experiences, events, and activities. During the holiday season celebrations, you can enjoy exclusive challenges, rewards, and massive racing spins with the new festive decoration for Riders ridge. Additionally, Republic will feature a new sponsor, Specialized (effective December 15), offering challenges and rewards, as well as a live X-Games event.

With the Year 1 Pass, you’ll also have early access to both of this season’s kits and can redeem the Winter Cosmetics Pack, which includes a new Legendary outfit. The first Exotic Kit to be released will be Jumbo Bike and will be available for purchase to all players in the second week of the season. Get the Year 1 Pass with editing Gold or Ultimate from Riders Republic, or separately.

The new X-Games live event will run from January 14-19. Get ready for new Shack Daddy themed challenges and X-Games rewards, including a jacket and snowboard! Don’t miss the big event of the Winter Bash season at Riders republic Now available. Test your skills and best tricks on bike, ski, snowboard, rocket- wingsuiting. Explore the snow-capped mountains and vast canyons of America’s best-known national parks and become a star in Republic.