Rift Apart RT mode was a last minute discovery

The Performance RT mode included in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart was a last-minute addition to the game thanks to the collaborative effort of Insomniac’s engineering, art, and testing teams. According to Mike Fitzgerald, the studio’s director of Core Technology, the technical team pushed the boundaries of the PS5 until the last few months before launch.

Fitzgerald stated in an interview with Axios that Insomniac Games initially planned to ship tear apart with only two modes: a 30 fps low resolution mode with ray tracing enabled and a 60 fps high resolution mode without. However, Insomniac studios surprised fans when it announced a third option: a performance-oriented ray tracing mode that enabled both high-fidelity graphics at 60 fps and ray tracing as part of a day one patch.

“At the end you find out how much performance you can get out of it,” said Fitzgerald, who revealed that the mode was a relatively late discovery in the game’s production process, thanks to Insomniac’s unique approach to game development. In terms of development, the core technical team teamed up with the game’s other teams, such as Art and Testing, to “figure out how to get the most out of the PS5”, even going as far as spending a month on the game worked. after it has started.

It’s no use, say, in the middle of production where we say, ‘Okay, engine is blocked, good luck, game team, finish your thing and we’ll move on to the next…’ We’ve got the whole core technology team focused on the quality of ‘Ratchet & Clank’ up to one month after shipment.

Furthermore, Fitzgerald also admits that the studio’s previous title Spider-Man: Miles Morales had put some pressure on the studio to work on further performance upgrades, particularly those taking advantage of the PS5. “We knew, okay, well, people are going to expect this from the next game. So do we, but it’s made for [the PS5], so how are we going to find that extra?”

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