Riot Games Settle Sexual Harassment Lawsuit For $100 Million

Riot Games, the makers of popular titles such as League of Legends and Valorant, have settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for $100 million. $80 million of that money will go directly to former and current employees affected, with the remaining $20 million going toward legal costs. In addition, the company has agreed to work with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing to improve internal reporting and fair compensation practices for the next three years.

Reports of sexual harassment at the company exploded in 2018 after a kotaku naked. Some employees reported that bosses or co-workers would send unsolicited photos of genitals. Others reported that male employees often talk about sleeping with female employees, including those in management positions. Gender discrimination was also reportedly rife, as higher-skilled workers would reprimand female workers for being “aggressive” while praising their male colleagues for their “grit.”

The whole matter came to a head when Riot Games stated that the parties involved could not sue them due to mandatory arbitration. Simply put, the employees couldn’t sue the company because they signed a document waiving the right to do so when they got to Riot. In response, Riot employees staged a strike in 2019, prompting the company to reverse the decision.

More than two years later, the company has pledged to pay a large sum of money to resolve the matter. Only time will tell if the Riot Games culture of gender discrimination and sexual harassment will disappear for good.

[Source: Gamesindustry]