Riz Ahmed will not return to the Star Wars universe or Venom

Actor Riz Ahmed confirms that he has no plans to return to the Star Wars universe as Bodhi or appear in Venom: There will be Carnage.

After his starring role in Sound of metal, the actor Riz Ahmed sounds like one of the favorites for the Oscars. In the film, Ahmed gives life to Ruben, a hearing loss battery and has to learn to live as one deaf person. His performance recently earned him the award for best Actor in the Gotham awards. So the actor stands in the lead for nominations of the Oscars. But before that, Riz Ahmed was part of two blockbusters. In 2016, Riz Ahmed played Bodhi in Rogue one and in 2018, he stepped into the role of the villain of Venom. But the actor I would not return to any of these franchises.

This is confirmed by Riz Ahmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. The actor would confirm that he will not be part of Venom: There will be Carnage and that the end of his character is enough conclusive car. In the first Venom installment, Ahmed plays Calton drake, the villain of the story. At the end of the tape, his character explode through the air next to Venom. So Riz Ahmed explains that he has no nothing else to offer to this franchise. “I think I’m done with Venom. It is quite conclusive. The man exploded in a spaceship ”.

Another franchise that Riz Ahmed won’t revisit either, at least for now, is Star Wars. The actor gave life to Bodhi rook in Rogue One. Like the rest of the characters in the installment, the whole group is headed in a suicide mission and they end up dying to have more opportunities to defeat the empire. Despite these events, Lucasfilm prepares a prequel centered on the character of Diego Luna, Cassian Andor. The series will explore the investigations of the Rebellion against the Empire and could to introduce some characters from Rogue One.

But Riz Ahmed claims that for now has not received any offer to appear in the series. Ahmed confesses in the interview with The Hollywood Reporter that did not know Lucasfilm plans to develop a prequel to Rogue One. “To be honest, I haven’t heard anything about it.”.

The actor doesn’t seem to show himself either excited to return to these franchises and is determined to turn the page. Riz Ahmed focuses for the moment on smaller projects and in awards season. Ahmed comments that he had several opportunities to do projects more commercial and that these would have given him more money. But he turned them down for a chance to do Sound of metal. And in your opinion the risk that I take had its reward.

“Why are you doing this when I could finally make money? There was an opportunity to do bigger, more commercial projects and earn money so that you could buy a house and all that stuff. But I thought ‘this is your chance’. My feelings were strong. And for whatever reason, I wanted to do something like that. “