Robert Downey Jr and Shane Black will make a new movie together

Actor Robert Downey Jr and director Shane Black are teaming up again for a new movie set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video.

The society made up of Robert Downey Jr and Shane Black is very productive, as they have worked together on kiss kiss bang bang (2005) and in iron Man 3 (2013). Now they will make an adaptation of the novels of Parker from Donald E Westlakealso know as Richard Stark for Amazon Prime Video.

You have to remember that Parker has served as inspiration for the characters played by Lee Marvin in 1967’s Point Blank, Jim Brown in The cast of 1968, Robert Duvall in The Criminal Organization of 1973, Peter Coyote in 1983 Death Floor and Mel Gibson in 1999’s Payback. While Jason Statham recently played the professional thief in the movie Parker of 2013 together with Jennifer Lopez.

He is a fundamental director for the Hollywood star.

When they ask Robert Downey Jr what is his most important movie, he never chooses Hombre de Hierro (2008), although this first installment of the Marvel Studios Cinematic Universe launched him to world fame and made him one of the highest paid actors in the world. since he chooses kiss kiss bang bang from Shane Blackbecause the interpretation of Harry Lockhart It came to him at one of the lowest moments of his personal life and although it was not a box office success, seeing him lavish so much charisma, the director Jon Favreau chose it to be Tony Stark. A very wise casting decision, as he remains one of the most beloved heroes of the UCM.

Will have to check how successful it is. Robert Downey Jr outside Marvel Studiossince your movie The Adventures of Doctor Dolittle (2020) was a box office disaster, but it seems that he is choosing the projects better because we will see it in All Star Weekend directed by his friend Jamie Foxx, Oppenheimer by Christopher Nolan and in the series The Sympathizer.

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