Robert Pattinson has created a Batman very different from Christian Bale

The Batman starring Robert Pattinson will be dark and realistic, but it will have nothing to do with Christian Bale’s Dark Knight.

On Warner Bros they are hallucinating with the movie The batman from Matt reeves and especially with the performance of Robert Pattinson. In fact, the reports coming from the managers could not be more positive, which is why they have signed a large contract with the actor for multiple different projects.

One of the great conditions that he put Robert Pattinson to play Batman / Bruce Wayne was that his version did not resemble that of Christian bale from the trilogy of Dark Knight from Christopher Nolan and it seems that they have succeeded. For viewers will never think that they have tried to copy those magnificent movies that changed the superhero genre for the better.

According to reports, The batman It will be very dark, violent, mature, brave and also dangerously close to the R rating. The aesthetics and tone will be very stifling and will really make things very difficult for the hero. But it seems that Robert Pattinson it has exceeded all the demands of the script with flying colors and will surprise even the most skeptical. In addition, the main theme will be revenge, but curiously there will be no one to take revenge, something that will project towards criminals. So that Bruce wayne He will be in a situation created by his own childhood trauma, when he saw his parents die in that dark alley of the city of Gotham.

What will the movie be about?

Batman (Robert Pattinson) He has been a vigilante for a year and when there are crimes that the police cannot solve, they ask him for help. So the hero must investigate the underworld of the city where he will meet classic villains from Dc comics What Catwoman, The Riddler Y The Penguin.

The batman will be released on March 4, 2022. It will be at that moment when we will know if it differs so much from the Dark Knight trilogy and if the performance of Robert Pattinson it really is that good.