Robert Pattinson says DC Comics is for emos

The Batman star Robert Pattinson talks about DC Comics and says his stories are “for emo kids.” What is he referring to?

There is not a day without batman not be news, for one thing or another. And it’s not the first time Robert Pattinson makes a series of statements that mislead fans of the Dark Knight and of DC Comics. The last one, after saying that he was drugged at the casting of Twilight, is to state categorically that the stories in this editorial are for emo kids. An opinion with which some more classical readers do not agree at all. We share your words:

Rober Pattinson’s statements about DC Comics have been made in GQ. The magazine did an exclusive interview with the actor from batman and in it he said the following: «His stories are the kind of comic for emos. They have a nihilistic approach. Even the art is very, very different from the rest of the comics. Fortunately, there are many sad people in the world«.

The actor confuses the part with the whole

Do you think he is right? It is true that DC Comics has a lot of darker characters and stories compared to other universes. However, one part does not make the whole. Characters like Superman or wonder-woman, to give two examples, contradict Robert Pattinson’s argument. It’s like saying that marvel comics has dark and violent stories because it exists Wolverine (Wolverine).

Of course, with batman we expect a very close approach to what he comments. The official trailers incline us to think that it is going to be a dark and violent film. The Gotham bat He has always been “the boy from the alley”, a sad and lonely guy immersed in a process of revenge and self-knowledge, introspective, cold and intelligent. But, at the same time, he is a symbol of hope for his city. And one of those heroes who make others better. Is that what sadness is? We believe not.